Software Development

Sale Point System

D-White Sale Point System has many major functions. Basic purpose of this software is organizing the inventory. Software is a complete solution to take care of all the requirements of small business. And this software is tracking Sales, Purchases, Sales Return, Purchases Return, Customers and Suppliers.

The special feature of this software is fast and easier billing system with barcode scanners.

D-White Sale Point System has integrated with advanced financial Accounting system. Financial Accounting System has been designed to streamline the internal management of the company to providing updated trial balance, cash flow statements and particular ledgers.

D-White Sale Point System has integrated strong reporting module to use the decision making and help in business analysis.

We are offering a ‘Multiple Document Interface’. This means user can have as many windows open and easy jump to another document at same time. Menus, tool bar and short cuts are major features of the software.

Software is developed in advanced Languages and tools and more flexible for advancement and enhancement. Here are Languages and Tools which are used in development of the software:

– SQL Server
– Crystal Reports

Custom Software

Software Development is a provision of software development services by an external supplier positioned in a country that is geographically remote from the client enterprise; a type of offshore outsourcing. The main reason behind the companies to use offshore software development services is the higher development cost of the local service providers.

Kiswa Solutions software development, including stand-alone applications, network applications and web-based sites and business applications can now be done easily and inexpensively offshore. Here we focus on the background behind outsourcing and offshore software development, and why you may wish to consider offshore software development for your future projects.